James W. Rankin


Jamie Rankin is a Senior Lecturer in the German Department. Since 2015 he has also served as the Director of the Princeton Center for Language Study, which provides instructors of all languages on campus with workshops, reading groups, resources for conferences and research, and opportunities for ongoing professional development.

His publications include numerous articles in Die Unterrichtspraxis on topics ranging from teacher training to extensive L2 reading and classroom-based Action Research, and a study of teacher cognition in the Modern Language Journal. As a presenter for the AATG, he has given workshops on interactive tasks for L2 classrooms, assessment strategies, and vocabulary training.

Jamie has collaborated with colleagues and graduate students in developing an online textbook for beginning German. The textbook facilitates acquisition of high-frequency lexical items in German, i.e., the words and collocations students will actually encounter in authentic texts and interactions, as opposed to the standard items found in commercial textbooks. It combines multiple modes of vocabulary presentation and systematic review across chapters, classroom review and reinforcement, and student-initiated online flashcards or other review systems. He is also co-author of the widely-used book for intermediate and advanced German, the Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik, and its accompanying Arbeitsheft.

A recipient of numerous development grants, he has created a website that catalogues classroom tasks for TA’s, a Google Map using input from students in Princeton-in-Munich, and an online multimodal proficiency/placement exam for applicants to the Berlin Consortium.

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Jamie Rankin


011 East Pyne
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Prof. Rankin serves as a faculty adviser at Whitman College.

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Jamie currently teaches GER 101, “Beginner’s German I,” and serves as its Course Head.  Other Princeton language courses he has taught in the past are GER 102, “Beginner’s German II,” GER 102-5, “Intensive Intermediate German,” and GER 105, “Intermediate German.”

Jamie’s teaching was featured in the Princeton Weekly Bulletin and in The Daily Princetonian.

Jamie also teaches GER 506, “Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy,” a graduate course for new AI’s of GER 101.

In 1996, he received the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Recent Projects

Jamie has most recently worked on the following.

  • Training ESL teachers in Yangon, Myanmar on teaching with Zoom on smartphones

  • L2 Remote, a website compiling practical advice and references for distance teaching

  • Developing a new undergraduate SLA course with an experiential learning component at the Mpala Research Center

  • Der|Die|Das, an online textbook for first-year German instruction, used at Princeton, Notre Dame, Wabash, Bowdoin, Kennesaw State, and Carleton